Member Spotlight : Carol Dorf

Her Kids Were Raised and She Had Much More to Give

Meet Volunteer EMT Carol Dorf

Two weeks after her youngest child left for college, Carol Dorf took her first EMT class.
“I gave so much to my kids, Paul and Jessica, and then the house was empty,” she said. “I needed to do something for somebody who needed me.”

Turns out, a lot of somebodies needed Carol, 49, who joined Clinton First Aid & Rescue Squad three years ago.

“When you show up to an elderly person’s house at two in the morning, you see there is such need,” she said. “Sometimes, they’ve fallen and we’re picking them up. Sometimes, it’s an even more serious issue. I’ve wondered, if we weren’t there, what would they do?”

The people who called for help often wonder the same thing out loud, Carol said, and their gratitude grows when they learn those who answered the call are volunteers. “They are humbled by it. They ask, ‘Really? You left your bed at two in the morning to help me?’ It makes you feel so good.”

Carol works in medical billing for Hunterdon Medical Center. Her husband, Walter is a volunteer firefighter at Clinton Fire Department, where she has also served in non-emergency roles.

Providing medical care and comfort as a CFARS EMT has changed her life, Carol said, and it will change the life of anyone who joins the squad: “You find out you have a new extended family, and being able to help people who need you gives you a whole new purpose.”