Member Spotlight : Adam Nordmeyer

Helping People, Learning Skills, Forging Friendships

Meet EMT/Water Rescue Volunteer Adam Nordmeyer

image1Adam Nordmeyer, 29, wanted to help people in his hometown. He also wanted to better understand the important work done by his wife Krystle, a nurse.

These goals led him to volunteer with Clinton First Aid & Rescue Squad nearly two years ago. What’s happened since then has changed his life.

“You never know what you’re going to see, what you’re going to do, who you’re going to treat, or whose life you might be saving that day,” he said.

Adam, who grew up in Pittstown, lives with Krystle and their dogs Oliver, Turbo and Tilly in nearby Harmony. Professionally, he works in sales and marketing for his family’s contract manufacturing and assembly company, Bihler of America. At least two weekends a month, he serves volunteer shifts with Clinton First Aid & Rescue, but often also volunteers for extra shifts or to attend community events where EMTs “stand by,” in case someone needs help.

Adam takes pride in providing patients with the vital medical treatments his EMT training has taught him. He also focuses on offering them other kinds of care: kindness, courtesy, respect, concern. The importance of this struck him especially hard on a recent response to a car rolled over alongside Route 78.

The car was completely destroyed, and Adam was relieved to find the patient – a woman wearing nurse’s scrubs – alert and talking. “I introduced myself and told her to keep her head, neck and back straight. She told me she was a trauma nurse.”

image4As a nurse, the woman knew the information needed to determine her treatment, and provided it without being asked. Yet she was just as thankful for Adam’s help as any other person he’s assisted.

“It made me realize we volunteer EMTs play such an important role in the medical field,” he said.

Adam said the friendships he’s made at Clinton First Aid & Rescue Squad are unlike any others he’s had. “You really have to learn how to work as a team to best take care of your patient,” he said. “You have to lean on each other and support each other, and the bond it creates is unique.”

Clinton First Aid & Rescue needs more volunteers, and anyone who steps up to fill this role will be glad they did, Adam said. “You are trained in skills that very few people have,” he said. “You can be anywhere and use them to help people. Those are things you never lose.”